Book Review (Jatin Kuberkar's Cabbing All The Way)

Title: Cabbing All The Way
Author: Jatin Kuberkar

As the title and cover suggest, Jatin Kuberkar's Cabbing all the way is an account of the experience of sharing a cab by a few colleagues to commute to their office.

From office politics to appraisal troubles and personal problems to ego issues, this book touches on many subjects that affect the life of the ones trying to find a foothold in the corporate world.

Jatin Kuberkar's narrative reads like a journal with the small details of everyday life dominating it.

It is the introspections that I found especially interesting.

"I don't know why, but of late I was starting to feel that I have in me, two different beings. One of them emotional. It is grounded to its values, it stops me from reacting to situations, it makes me observe the little wonders in everyday life, encourages me to see the brighter side, and sometimes... The other is, as I wish to call it, judgemental. Notorious for furious outbursts, it quickly jumps to conclusions. It is strong-headed, it asks me to be selfish, pessimistic and often teases me with phrases like 'grow up'!"

Journal-style that it is, Cabbing all the way is rather slow and indulges in much trivia.
Cabbing all the way is not a book that keeps you hooked with the plot and the story. It is the characters, their idiosyncrasies, their differences, and the author's style of writing that makes it interesting all the way.

This book is quite a rulebook on how to survive in an office. Certain solutions are a little too easy and simplistic, but they deserve a read.

Based in Hyderabad, the lingo of the place, especially related to food spice up the descriptions, and are aptly explained too through footnotes.

"Sometimes I feel that Hyderabad is the 'Babel City' of the modern times where nobody understands each other. All the areas we travelled through were major traffic junctions. Everyone was in a mad rush. Each traffic signal ended up into another mini traffic jam because no one followed any rules..."

Just as true for Delhi as for Hyderabad, I have to say :P

The author takes his time introducing the readers to each of the characters. And does so with a style...

"If a spoon full of Abhishek Bachchan, a little Hrithik Roshan and a whole lot of Keshto Mukherjee were to be blended together, the end product would be Mohan. Confused, heroic and Kehsto!"

In the author's own words he is "lost in wondering and documenting the complexities of human nature."

With the characters evolving through the course of the book, Cabbing all the way is a study in the emotions

Cabbing all the way is the author's celebration of sharing time and experiences, of becoming friends and of letting go...
The author's love for Bollywood, food, Hyderabad and is obvious in his style of writing. 

The premise of the book is rather simple. The wit, the details, and the local touch make it an interesting read.

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The italicized text in quotation marks is quotes from the book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Twelve people agree to an idea of running a shared transport service from a common residential locality to their out-of-civilisation office campus. Twelve different minds with equally diverse personalities gel with each other to fulfill a common need. At first, the members collide on mutual interests, timings, priorities and personal discipline, but in the course of their journey, they become best friends, make long-lasting relationships, mentor and help each other on various mundane matters. The journey goes on fine until one day some members try to dictate terms over the group. The rift widens with each passing day, the tension surmounts and finally all hell breaks loose... Will the journey continue? Fasten your seatbelts for the journey is about to begin...

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About the author

Take an ounce full of imagination and a scoop of humor. Mix them well. Now put a few teaspoons of feelings and emotions and simmer until it smells good. Add spices for taste. Put the mixture on the platter of dreams and garnish it with a few peanuts of desires and some herbs of passion – that’s all it takes to be Jatin Kuberkar. Jatin is a software engineer by day and a passionate writer by night. When not tangled in software codes, Jatin likes to express his inspirations in the form of poetry, short stories, novels, and essays.

He lives in Hyderabad and adorns polymorphic forms in his personal life as a son, a husband, a father, a friend, a mentor, an observer, a critic and the list goes on… He is an ardent lover of Hyderabadi biryani and is a worshipper of chaai. If granted a boon, Jatin would love to learn magic from Hogwarts and fly around on a broom stick. 

Jatin is the author of two other books. Rainbow Dreams, a collection of poetry and While I Was Waiting, a collection of short stories. This is Jatin’s third book.

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