MC Domovitch's Scar Tissue - Book Review

Title: Scar Tissue
Author: MC Domovitch
Publisher: Lansen Publishing
Pages: 396
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller/Paranormal

MC Domovitch has you smiling at the beginning of Scar Tissue with the Author's Note -
"All the characters, events, incidents and places are purely the product of my imagination. This may make you wonder why I write so many murder mysteries. I like to say that it keeps my husband in line."

Smile and lighten up here, because once you enter the world of Scar Tissue, there's no smiling. It has you on the edge.

It starts with Ciara Kelly having escaped her captor, lost in the woods. And you can feel the fear through the words.

Move on to her in the hospital, where we realize that she doesn't remember anything of the experience of being abducted or anything after that.

There is a tiny bit of scar tissue in her brain. The doctors do not know how it can affect her.

As Ciara builds a life for herself, which is very different from the one she has known as a famous fashion model, there is positivity and hope, and there is an underlying dark vibe of something bad about to happen.

Then there are the ominous conversations between the kidnapper and the person who is the actual brain behind the crime.

The emotions in this book run high and keep you glued to the story throughout.

My threshold of enjoying or accepting Paranormal is rather low. The mystic in this book is just enough to be interesting and not scary.

Scar tissue is a book that holds your attention from the very beginning and has you interested till the end. A good read, especially for lovers of thrillers and light paranormal.

*  *  *


When successful model Ciara Cain wakes up in hospital, remembering nothing of the weeks she has been missing, her only clues are the ugly words carved into her skin. According to the police she was a victim of the Cutter, a serial killer who has already murdered three women. For her protection the police and her doctors give a press conference, announcing that because her amnesia is organically caused, her memory loss is permanent. But, whether her memory returns or not is anybody’s guess.
Overnight, Ciara’s glamorous life is gone. Her scars have killed both her modelling career and her relationship with her rich boyfriend. With nothing to keep her in New York, she returns to her home town of Seattle, moves in with her sister and goes about building a new life. But when her sister lets it slip that Ciara’s memory is returning, the killer comes after her again. If Ciara is to stay alive, she must keep one step ahead of the Cutter.
About the Author

M C Domovitch is the author of nine novels, four of which were published under the name of Carol Ann Martin (by Penguin), another two under the name Monique Domovitch (by Carina Press) The other three are published as M C Domovitch, Scorpio Rising, The Sting of the Scorpio (Both now republished in one single tome) and Scar Tissue. The decision to use a different pen name was based on her departure from cozy mysteries and entering the Romance and Romantic Suspense genres.
Before becoming an author, Monique had multiple careers, beginning with modeling. She won a modeling contest in the 70s and became one of Canada's top models. After retiring from the fashion industry, she studied finance and joined an investment company. This led to a new career as host of her own television show about investing, with the television network, WTN. Following her retirement from finance, she decided to pursue her true passion, writing. At a writing workshop at San Diego's Writers' Conference, one of her unpublished books caught the eye of a publisher and of an agent. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Domovitch lives with her physician husband and their dogs. They divide their time between homes in Victoria and Toronto Canada and Key Largo Florida.

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