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An impressive collection (Book Review: Metro Diaries-2 by Namrata)

Title: Metro Diaries - 2
Author: Namrata
Genre: Short Story Collection

Stories that are written from knowing, and at times, observing the people we meet and come across in our rush of surviving in the big cities... Metro Diaries - 2 is a collection of sensitive stories that demonstrate the author's brilliance in expressing emotions.

Metro Diaries - 1 is a collection of love stories. Having read and enjoyed it, I was looking forward to the second in the series. 
I had read that this one dealt with an array of feelings. What I had not expected was the shock of very first story.
The author, Namrata is clearly writing about the darker side of human nature unapologetically, and yet with sensitivity.

With some of the stories of Metro Diaries - 2, the author has unraveled the chaos that is the feelings of the characters of each of the stories. 
The second collection of Metro Diaries touches on various emotions. 

These stories explore love and betrayal, righteousness and revenge, success and regrets, loyalty and deceit, smiles and tears, transsexuality and search for identity, and more.

My two favorites from this collection - two really good tales with a surprising twist - are Love v/s Hate and Veil Thy Love.

The writing of the author describes relationships, emotions, and thoughts with innovative expressions and metaphors.

"beautifully chiseled eyes... they held the power of a thousand sunrises."

"...took to her new home just like milk to sugar."

"It looks like a game of cat and mouse; the bigger hand chasing the smaller one. Anyone stronger... tramples upon the weak ones - that is the rule of the world. There are only two possible reasons behind it, love or hate. When you love someone you want to control everything that person does and hence, sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly you squash them like melons.
While on the other hand in the case of hate, there is no need to specify the reason for walking over someone like that. Hate is a strong reason in itself."

There is a lot of hurt and disillusionment in these stories, but there is hope too. 
The common thread between all the stories of this collection is that they move you, and you can relate to them.

There are even two stories that have identical beginnings. How different can people be? Do we really know anyone?

More often than not, the story is told through the thoughts of the characters. One thought leads to another and through these, a story emerges.
It seems as if one is hearing someone's thoughts and discovering them. The stories are thoughts woven together. 

In author's words:
"Nothing is as mystifying as the human nature and this book is a tribute to it."
"...this collection of stories will make you relook at life in a renewed manner and make you ponder over your definition of it till now."

*  *  *
The italicized text in quotation marks are quotes from the book.


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