Book Review: Ratnadip Acharya's The Speaking Stone

Title: The Speaking Stone
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Genre: Historical Thriller

My Review of The Speaking Stone
The Speaking Stone narrates two different tales parallelly - one set in the present day and another in the 1900s.
Destiny leads the two central characters of The Speaking Stone, Saikat and Shuvashini to a destination which is unusual for them. In their effort to solve the mystery of a stone Saikat had come across, the two are lead down an adventurous, thrilling, and romantic path.
The story in the 1900s is again a story of mystique and romance and also, tragedy.

The author takes the reader from the present to the past and back again, and as readers, we discover subtle emotions that hold as true today as they did in the past.
There are parallels of almost every character from the story of the past to that in the present, but these similarities don't seem forced. Rather they enhance the emotional connect and the sense of anticipation that is felt while discovering these worlds.

The one disappointment I had with this book was the central female character, who started as a strong individual but soon enough lost the sheen of both strength and individuality. I just wish she had not ended up being the 'second lead' to the dynamic Saikat.

All in all, The Speaking Stone speaks volumes about the mystery that could be hidden in the many artifacts of India. I especially enjoyed the fact that this book is set in India, and takes us from the bylanes of Colaba to the hills of Tripura.

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Book Links:

Mumbai, December 2016: 
A young man found an ancient-looking piece of stone with strange images and Sanskrit
inscriptions. A quest to know the origin of the stone brought him to the distant part of the

Chandannagar, December 2016: 
A young vivacious historian woman read an old book on a century-old secret story about a
little known part of the country. Her curiosity got the better of her as the book disappeared
mysteriously before she could complete it. She reached a sleepy quaint state of the country
to satiate her curiosity. 

Eventually they both met and their search began from the city museum to a far-flung rock
mountain which revealed a century-old story of a seductive danseuse, her enigmatic lover,
a string of her admirers, a painter with a photographic memory, a bird that could speak in
many voices, a benevolent king and a gruesome conspiracy. And the most important clue to
decode the final secret was with the missing part of The Speaking Stone. But in the process
of unearthing old secrets their lives were also in danger… 

About the Author:

Ratnadip Acharya is the author of two successful novels, Life is Always Aimless... Unless
you love it and Paradise Lost & Regained. He is a columnist for the Speaking Tree in The
Times of India. He contributed many write-ups in different collections of Chicken Soup for
the Soul. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sophia and son, Akash.

Contact the Author:

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