Saved by Love - Shilpa Suraj

Title: Saved by Love
Author: Shilpa Suraj
Genre: Romance

Shilpa Suraj's Saved by Love is the story of Naina Ahuja and Arjun Rathore - two individuals with very different personalities and lives. So, obviously what they expect and want from life is also drastically different.
And yet when destiny brings them together, sparks fly.

Through Saved by Love, we see the two traverse through the maze of the circumstances that they face in their attempts to stay unaffected by and away from each other.

I read this book in one go, as this story went from the mountains of Ladakh to the beaches of Goa.

The other characters in the book also stand out, especially that of Arjun's brother, Aryan.

Saved by Love is a fun and enjoyable read.
I loved reading Naina's and Arjun's story as the two are saved by the strength of their love.

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