Aomame - Murakami's 1Q84 - AtoZChallenge

This series is a celebration of Murakami's words in 1Q84. 

The beginning is the name of one of the central characters and the first character to be introduced -
I do wonder how much is lost because of translation. Would I have understood the impact of the meaning of the name had I known Japanese?

'...written exactly the same as the word for "green peas" and pronounced with the same four syllables, "Ah-oh-mah-meh"... on the rare occasions when she stayed in an unfamiliar city or town, she would always open the hotel's phone book to see if there were any Aomames in the area. She had never found a single one, and whenever she tried and failed, she felt like a lonely castaway on the open sea.'

'People would stare at the [business] card as if she had thrust a letter at them bearing bad news.'

'If I had an ordinary name..., I could have lived a slightly more relaxed life or looked at people with somewhat more forgiving eyes.'

Everything in this book is discussed in detail, at a relaxed pace. Details are given even when they are not relevant to the plot of the book. And I enjoyed most of these details.

Murakami's 1Q84
A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020


  1. I was so looking forward to your blog when I read the theme! Can't wait for all 26 days. I have to disagree on one thing though- the details are always relevant, sometimes you have to wait a long time to find out how they are relevant. Think about it. Great theme! Thanks.

    1. Hi Janice. As I have written, I enjoy the details. That in itself makes them relevant. But there is a unhurried pace in the book with no haste to move on to the next important event in the plot and that is why I wrote that the details are not strictly relevant to the plot.