Komatsu - Murakami's 1Q84 - AtoZChallenge

Komatsu - a character from the book, and a very fascinating one. As with many aspects of this book, there is a lingering mystery about him too, as the book ends, but I loved the way he is described.

Komatsu was a man who often adopted an expression that was either unrelated to - or exactly the opposite of - what he was actually feeling. 

At times Komatsu's eyes would take on a sharp glow, like stars glittering in the winter night sky. And if something caused him to clam up, he would maintain his silence like a rock on the far side of the moon. All expression would disappear from his face, and his body seemed to go cold.

Komatsu had no sense of time. He would place a call the moment it struck him, never considering the hour. It could be the middle of the night or the crack of dawn. The other person could be enjoying his wedding night or lying on his death-bed. The prosaic thought never seemed to enter Komatsu's egg-shaped head that a call from him might be disturbing.

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Murakami's 1Q84
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